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Bosch Long Haul Alternators

We're teaming up with Bosch to help bring your company the longest lasting alternator on the market today. Bosch's 100% New Long Haul Alternators for medium and heavy duty vehicles have been specifically engineered, employing state-of-the-art technology. The New Long Hauls are built to outlast conventional OE replacement units, and deliver superior performance and reliability "Over the Long Haul."

With Bosch it's all about keeping vehicles on the road. When they're not rolling, time and money are lost. The kind of miles these vehicles put on demands power, and lots of it. That's why you should demand Bosch Ultra Premium Long Haul Alternators, so contact your nearest Diesel USA Group location today and ask for yours!

Bosch Long Haul Alternator for heavy duty vehicles

Bosch's ultra-premium Long Haul Alternator for heavy duty vehicles provides greater electrical power and efficiency on the road or at idle, and is designed to keep generating electrical power even when the underhood temperature climbs to as much as 125 degrees Celsius (257 degrees Fahrenheit).

Features and Benefits

"It's called the Long Haul because this alternator is built to go the distance," according to Reighart. Built from the ground up with advanced engineering, the alternator features:

1. Bosch patented high-efficiency winding technology that uses 30 percent more copper than conventional replacement alternators, producing increased efficiency and fuel savings.

2. External, heat-dissipating regulator and external rectifier, mounted directly in the stream of air on the back of the unit combine with the alternator's heat sink design, to allow rapid heat dissipation and cool operation. The rectifier body design prevents clogging from heat-damaging debris.

3. Advanced Bosch diodes in the rectifier and regulator provide longer life and are the best in the industry.

4. Dual internal cooling fans maximize the cooling air pulled through the alternator, drawing air from both front and back of the alternator. Heat is driven out through vents circling the housing.

5. Exclusive long-life bearings combine specially heat-treated, long-life steel bearings with heat-resistant and water repelling lubricant withstands wear for tens of thousands of miles.

6. Reduced slip ring diameter reduces carbon brush wear.

"Every Long Haul Alternator is a new unit, 100-percent factory-tested to ensure top performance and reliability. And its ability to replace over 220 different OE alternators with one Bosch part number means reduced inventory and no core handling for fleets and distributors alike.

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