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Proper coolant flow is essential to all vehicles operations. When coolant flow is inhibited for any reason failure of crucial engine components can occur from extreme overheating. To help eliminate the failures of some common components due to overheating Av-Tekk is introducing its new line of products Grizzly-Air. Most in the diesel service industry know how common it is to replace EGR coolers and oil coolers multiple times throughout the use of a vehicles life. Destined to fail because of poor designs these components just aren’t made to last.

Av-Tekk’s Grizzly-Air seeks to solve this problem by providing a new robust rebuild process for EGR coolers that eliminates the cause of failures in this component. Utilizing T304 stainless steel tubing, Grizzly-Air eliminates the Turbulator design used in most OEM EGR coolers. Then, this new stainless steel tubing is TIG welded to precise cut plates attached to the cooler housing. This new design from Grizzly-Air ensures that the EGR cooler will continue to operate properly even when the flow of coolant has been inhibited. Just like Av-Tekk Heavy Duty Charge-Air Coolers, the Grizzly-Air product line offers superior quality for any situation.

Whether it’s a personal vehicle or a work vehicle, from light duty to heavy duty engines Grizzly-Air offers a wide range of EGR and Oil Cooling products.

Grizzly-Air provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Powerstroke applications, and 12 Month/Unlimited Mileage warranty on all other products. Call any Av-Tekk representative for more.

Learn More about Grizzly Air, click here.

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