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Mass Flo Engineering

Performance Diesel Products

MFE is your home for performance diesel upgrades of the highest quality and value. MFE provides a wide array of performance upgrades ranging from injectors and nozzles to fuel pumps and turbocahrgers.

Mass.Flo.Engineering Products

Backed by over sixty years in the diesel industry noone can provide you with the pedigree that MFE offers with it's products. Stop replacing second best, and buy the best for a guaranteed longer product life.

About MFE

For over 60 years our group of companies, the Diesel USA Group has been in the diesel service industry specializing in the proper methods of increasing diesel performance. Utilizing our industry knowledge and state-of-the-art technology we formed the Mass Flo Engineering product line for other diesel entusiasts like us.

Mass Flo Engineering is home to premier performance diesel and gas products. For our diesel fans we provide a wide array of performance upgrades ranging from injectors and nozzles to fuel pumps and turbochargers. For our gasoline followers we provide top of the line performance turbochargers from Garrett.

Whether you drive a Chevy, Dodge or Ford diesel application, Mass Flo Engineering has the products you need to get the performance you want.

MFE products create some serious results. Really, you wouldn't consider them if they didn't right? So even though most people are smart enough to know better, please read MFE's disclaimer before purchasing any products. As always seek the advice of trained profesionals before modifying the flow of air or fuel in your vehicle. You can learn more about MFE by visiting the website (by clicking the link below), or by contacting any of the Diesel USA Group locations.

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  1. Super Scorpion and Tune, MFE Product Literature

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A unique characteristic of the Diesel USA Group is our ability to respond with rapid customized service support, offering you the flexibility found in small companies with the broad parts and technical knowledge resources typically found in larger companies. With the needs of customers constantly changing, the Diesel USA Group proudly stands behind our service.

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Our technical support is what helps make our group of companies great. If you have any questions, part or service related, just fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch.


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Our group represents the largest distribution entity for turbochargers in North America. We also supply diesel parts and services that help keep our customers up and running.