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Performance Upgrade, Custom Tune & Turbo

Now from MFE, a direct drop-in replacment turbocharger with enhanced performance - paired with an "Intelligent" custom tune.

MFE Performance Products

This new turbocharger and custom tune fits 2011-2014 Ford 6.7L Diesel Applications. Available now through any Diesel USA Group location and our online store Cardinal Parts.

Super Scorpion & Tune

Enhance the performance of your vehicle by upgrading today.

Mass Flo Engineering is home to premier performance diesel and gas products. For our diesel fans we provide a wide array of performance upgrades ranging from injectors and nozzles to fuel pumps and turbochargers.

Mass.Flo.Engineering's performance upgrade turbocharger is a direct drop-in replacement for your 2011-2014 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. This new turbo features a brand new high-flow compressor wheel that allows greater performance vs. the stock turbocharger replacement.

MFE's new turbo still features Garrett's innovative design in the DualBoost turbocharger, as well as a ball bearing system.

However, the key feature of the original turbo is it's double sided compressor wheel to allow near two stage boosting performance. MFE has improved on that design with our new wheel and custom tune. The two products together allow MFE to get the most performance from these products for your Ford 6.7L application.

This new turbocharger & custom tune from MFE features:

  1. Drop-in replacement for service up-grade
  2. High-flow compressor wheel
  3. Complete with Tuner for downloading an “Intelligent Tune” (Only available from MFE) that won’t over speed the turbocharger
  4. All original equipment turbo unit, except for high-flow compressor wheel
  5. Priced competitive with OEM Dealer stock replacement
  6. *Up to 100 more ft./lbs. of Torque
  7. *Up to 96 more Horsepower
  8. No Smoke!
  9. * Performance results as tested on a 2011 Ford F-250 with 6.7 liter diesel engine. Individual results may vary
  10. Note: Not for sale or use in California

Call any Diesel USA Location for more information, or Order online From Cardinal Parts


  1. MFE Super Scorpion and Tune, Product Literature

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