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Engineering, production control and quality assurance working together to provide reliable fit and function 100% of the time is what Alliant Power is all about. Whether it's Alliant Power's starters, injectors or fuel pumps you are guaranteed a product that delivers.

Alliant Power provides parts for servicing applications including Ford, Navistar, GM, Dodge/Cummins, Sprinter/Jeep and Caterpillar vehicle and/or engine applications.

The aftermarket parts and service market needs genuine OE products to ensure form, fit and function when servicing the customer. They need the right parts shipped—promptly and accurately, with appropriate technical support...and that's exactly what the Diesel USA Group provides, contact any of our locations today for more information, or click the link below.

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Alliant Power Part Number Application Part Description OE / Reman Part Number Product Notes
AP63800AA 1994-1998 F Series

1994-1996 F Series (California)

1994-1996 E Series

1994-1996 T444E ESN Range:500 to 460,194
HEUI Injector F81Z9E527DRM, F4TZ9VE527AARM, F7TZ9E527ARM, 1816187C3, 1818259C2, 1821752C1, 1821836C3, 1822800C95, 1822801C91 Product requires a core charge
AP63801AB 1999 F Series

1997-1999 F Series (California)

1997-1998 E Series

1997-1999 T444E ESN Range: 460,195 to 843,989
HEUI Injector F81Z9E527BRM, F7TZ9E527BRM, F61Z9VE527BRM, 1822803C1, 1823561C1, 1824582C94, 1824583C97, 1825125C1, 1825126C1 Prime (Split Shot) Injector. Engines built BEFORE 12/07/1998

Product requires a core charge
AP60900 2003-09/21/2003 F-250 / F-550, Excursion 0 to 137,745 (Alabama built)

2003-09/21/2003 F-250 / F-550, Excursion 6,000,000 to 6,155,636 (Indiana built)

2003-09/21/2003 F-650 / F-750 0 to 112,360 (Alabama built)

2002½-2003 VT365
Remanufactured G2.8 Injector 3C3Z9E527EBRM / EARM / AE / ABRM / ECRM, 1843089C91, 1843481C95, 1845879C91, 1878282C91 Engines built BEFORE 09/22/2003.

Product requires a core charge
AP64900 2008-2010 F-250 / F-550

2007-2010 MaxxForce 7 ESN Range: 434,544 to 5,300,001
Remanufactured Piezo Injector 8C3Z9E527A, 8C3Z9E527DRM, 1873422C93, 4307381R91, 4307369R91, 5010359R93 Product requires a core charge

Pre-2010 emission engines. Includes injection line.
AP66995 2006 HT570: 295 HP to 340 HP (HT) Remanufactured G2.9 BANG Injector 1848495C91 Installation requires removal of high-pressure oil rail. Use AP0025 High-Pressure Oil Rail Seal Kit when reinstalling oil rail.
AP63661 2004½-2007 F Series, Excursion

2004½-2010 E Series
Remanufactured High-Pressure Oil Pump 5C4Z9A543A / B, 5C3Z9A543C, 5C3Z9A543ARM Includes seal kit.

Product requires a core charge
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