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Recent trends have shown that smaller engines producing higher horsepower are inducing greater stress on charge-air systems. To alleviate the need of constant replacements and repairs, the Diesel USA Group offers product lines that are guaranteed to deliver the durability you expect. Diesel USA Group's complete all makes product offering allows us to service a wide range of heavy duty applications with our charge-air products.

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Charge-Air Products

Your equipment's uptime and reliability is Diesel USA's primary concern. That's why quality replacement charge-air products are integral to the durability and service life of your application. Through proper maintenance and service, your charge-air products can last a long time. However; when they fail, you can expect your application's performance and reliability to degrade, costing you or your business downtime over lost productivity.

Through the Diesel USA group of companies you can rest assured that you are getting the quality replacement products you need. Our heavy duty charge-air solutions, like our Av-tekk charge-air cooler brand, offer you and your business the durability you expect and performance you need. Contact any of our locations today for more information or learn more about Av-tekk below.

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