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Diesel USA continues to offer superior quality products and services for any situation. Our locations offer a wide range of services and parts to meet or exceed our customers needs.

Diesel USA Group Locations and Services

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Through our group of companies and as a member of the Association of Diesel Specialists we are able to offer a complete all makes product offering. Our range of products allow us to offer services for everything from passenger cars and commercial vehicles, to industrial, locomotive and marine applications.

Our Locations

From the very beginning the Diesel USA Group's sole focus has been our customers, with a specialization in genuine OEM diesel components. The Diesel USA Group provides complete coverage for everything from service and parts, to routine maintenance and repair, along with a knowledgeable staff and good ol' fashioned advice for anyone seeking it.

That is why we continue to outperform all other sources for the critical diesel engine components you need. No other source has our network of inventory for rapid service, our local technical support to perform problem solving failure analysis, our service ability for the very oldest to latest high-tech products, or our skills to provide superior designed products as a solution to lowering your costs.

Our group knows that your diesel powered application is a significant investment, and that deciding whom to entrust its service to is extremely important. Whether you need service for your consumer diesel vehicle, RV, SUV, construction, marine, or industrial machine rated in thousands of horsepower, the Diesel USA Group provides our customers with the quality and service you expect for your diesel application. See more of our available diesel products here, or learn more about our locations below.


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A unique characteristic of the Diesel USA Group is our ability to respond with rapid customized service support, offering you the flexibility found in small companies with the broad parts and technical knowledge resources typically found in larger companies. With the needs of customers constantly changing, the Diesel USA Group proudly stands behind our service.

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Our technical support is what helps make our group of companies great. If you have any questions, part or service related, just fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch.


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Our group represents the largest distribution entity for turbochargers in North America. We also supply diesel parts and services that help keep our customers up and running.