Quick Check Leak Test Kit

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The Quick Check Leak Test Kit makes saving on unnecessary fuel costs and routine maintenance easier than ever. Testing charge-air coolers can not only save you or your company money, it can also help reduce long-term costs by helping to limit downtime.

Quick Check Leak Test Kits

About Quick Check Leak Test Kit

Av-Tekk's Quick Check Leak Test Kit makes testing a charge-air cooler easier than ever, and you don't even have to remove it from the vehicle. What Makes Quick Check So Special? No other tools are needed when using the Quick Check system, making this the quickest and easiest at setting up. The Quick Check Leak test kit simulates constant air load for accurate diagnostics and fits most charge-air coolers. Offering a relief valve and safety restraints the Quick Check Leak test kit all comes in a compact carrying case.

Av-Tekk’s new Test Kit may be used to test the pressure drop of most known sizes of charge-air coolers (CAC).

According to most O.E. Manufacturer’s Specifications, charge-air coolers that show a static pressure drop greater than 5 PSI in a 15 second test, beginning at 30 PSI, should be replaced. Av-Tekk’s new CAC Test Kit provides tools for you to safely determine whether any CAC passes or fails the manufacturer’s test.

Quick Check Advantages:
No other special tools needed
Quickest and easiest connections available
Simulates a constant air load for accurate diagnostics
Fits most charge air cooler connection types
Relief valve and restraints for safety
Includes compact carrying case

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