Emission and Exhaust Related Products

Diesel USA continues to offer superior quality products for any situation. As emission standards continue to change, Diesel USA is your source to help you maintain your engines original performance.

Diesel USA Emission and Exhaust
DPFs, EGRs, DOCs and More

Most in the diesel service industry know how common it is to replace some O.E. emission related products throughout the use of a vehicle’s life. Destined to fail because of poor designs, improper application or lack of maintenance, many of these components just don't last.

The Diesel USA Group works to solve many common issues in these products by providing new/improved designs and maintenance services that help reduce failures in many components. Many of the emission related products that we provide are exact fit replacements, making removal and re-installation easier than ever.

You can see our full list of emission related products below, or call any of our locations for more information.

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