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Diesel USA continues to offer superior quality products for any situation. To meet the performance you demand we provide a wide range of heavy duty electrical products ranging from starters and alternators to other engine components.

Diesel USA Starters and Alternators
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The Diesel USA Group of companies is proud to offer our wide selection of electrical components for your diesel or automotive applications. Many of our diesel electrical products are of the heavy duty variety and range from alternators and starters to AC compressors. The Diesel USA Group of companies can help you with your diesel related electrical issues; contact any of our locations for more info.

Our diesel electrical OEM and Aftermarket components consist of starters, alternators, and voltage regulators. These products are designed and tested to provide your diesel application with optimum performance. Whether you operate a heavy-duty or light duty diesel application, the Diesel USA Group has a complete line of OEM components for you.

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Our group represents the largest distribution entity for turbochargers in North America. We also supply diesel parts and services that help keep our customers up and running.