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Like many successful American business stories, the Diesel USA Group began with a young man who had a vision. Driven by desire, Lloyd A. Bailey founded Diesel Injection Service Company in April, 1950. His knowledge of the diesel engine, a strong work ethic, sensitivity for service, and sound business ethics provided the formula for success.


Guided by the characteristics of our founder, the Diesel USA Group of companies continues to grow and expand by offering genuine diesel products and services, we are your turbocharger and fuel injection Specialists!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compilation of the questions most asked of our staff here at the Diesel USA Group of companies. If your question isn't answered please feel free to give us a call.

Question: What are your hours of operations?

All of our locations' operating hours are 8am to 5pm. If calling before 8am or after 5pm please feel free to leave us a message, we will respond as soon as possible.

Question: Do your companies offer drive-in service?

Answer: Most of our locations feature drive-in service facilities, call your nearest location to schedule an appointment today.

Question: Do your companies deliver?

Answer: All of our locations offer a local delivery service for qualifying customers. Ask your sales representative if you qualify for delivery in your area.

Question: Do your companies offer component repair?

Answer: Yes, our group of companies offer a full range of factory authorized repair services for your diesel components, whether it's turbochargers or fuel injection we can get you back up and running.

Question: What is the turn around time for repairs?

Answer: This can vary with most any product brought to us, however we will do our best to give you an approximate turnaround time and make sure you have your product in hand as quickly as possible.

Question: What warranties do you offer with your repairs?

Answer: This varies by product, however our standard warranty on our repaired components is typically 1 year.

Question: Is there a way I can make my turbocharger last longer?

Answer: Yes, through proper maintenance and care of your turbocharger it can and will last. More specifically, keeping your oil and filters changed regularly is crucial to the life of your turbocharger. Schedule an appointment today with our location nearest you to begin a regular maintenance program for your diesel application.

Question: Is it really necessary to let my turbocharger cool down before turning off the engine?

Answer: This is a resounding "YES"! Most turbochargers utilize the oil from your engine for cooling, when turning off your engine before letting your turbocharger cool down you are allowing the opportunity for oil to become trapped in your turbocharger. When this oil cools it can then solidify, causing sludge buildup inside of your turbocharger allowing for pre-mature wear and failure of its internal components.

Question: I'm having problems with my turbocharger, what can I do?

Answer: Consult our handy turbocharger troubleshooting guide for confirmation that it is your turbocharger causing the issues. After verification of turbocharger issues contact your nearest Diesel USA Group location for further information about your next step.

Question: What information do you need from me to find the correct replacement turbo for my application?

Answer: The easiest way to find the proper replacement for your diesel application is the part number from your original turbocharger. Once we have that, finding a replacement turbocharger is quick and easy. However if you are unable to provide the O.E. part number we will do our best to match a turbocharger to your application.

Question: Do you sell turbochargers for gasoline engines?

Answer: Yes, we provide a wide range of turbochargers for gasoline engines, our most popular being the Garrett brand turbochargers.

Question: What brands of turbochargers do you provide?

Answer: Check out our turbocharger page for a complete list of brands that we have available.

Question: Do you offer remanufactured turbochargers?

Answer: Yes, we offer many suitable remanufactured replacements in conjunction with the new turbochargers we have available.

Question: Do you require a core when purchasing a new/reman turbocharger?

Answer: On some part numbers we do ask that you turn in your old turbocharger as a core. On those corresponding part numbers we will inform you before your purchase if a core is needed in return.

Question: Why is the brand name on my turbocharger spelled incorrectly?

Answer: More than likely you have encountered a counterfeit turbocharger; consult your nearest Diesel USA Group location for confirmation before using this turbocharger in your diesel/gas application.

Question: Do you offer fuel injection repair?

Answer: Yes, we are a leading provider of factory authorized fuel injection repair.

Question: Do you offer remanufactured fuel injection products?

Answer: Yes, we offer many remanufactured fuel injection products in conjunction with new products that are available.

Question: If I have only one confirmed "bad injector" should I replace them all?

Answer: No, if proper testing has been performed on all of your injectors and only one has been confirmed as being bad it is okay to just replace the one. However, if testing has only been performed on the injector in question we do suggest that you have the rest of your injectors tested as well. You can contact your nearest Diesel USA Group location to schedule having your injectors tested today.

Question: Can you decode my VIN number?

Answer: No, you will need to consult your application manufacturer for decoded specifics of your VIN number. Most manufacturers are happy to provide you with this information.

Question: I put gas in my diesel, what do I do?

Answer: First and foremost you should turn off your diesel application to prevent further damage. Secondly, you will need to drain all the fuel from your application and replace with proper diesel fuel. Last but not least you should use a diesel additive to help avoid any possible damage from existing gasoline in your fuel system. However, these guidelines are only applicable if you've not started your diesel application. If you have started your diesel, the damage caused can vary with how long it was exposed to the gasoline. Have your diesel towed to an authorized diesel service shop for a checkup before continuing to drive.

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A unique characteristic of the Diesel USA Group is our ability to respond with rapid customized service support, offering you the flexibility found in small companies with the broad parts and technical knowledge resources typically found in larger companies. With the needs of customers constantly changing, the Diesel USA Group proudly stands behind our service.

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Our group represents the largest distribution entity for turbochargers in North America. We also supply diesel parts and services that help keep our customers up and running.