Schwitzer Turbochargers

Schwitzer Turbochargers by Borgwarner are part of the Diesel USA Group's broad range of turbocharger products for a variety of applications and needs.

Schwitzer Turbochargers, by BorgWarner
About Schwitzer

Borg-Warner Turbo Systems is a combination of two turbocharger manufacturers with a history rich in turbocharger design, development, and applications. The U.S. based company acquired by Borg-Warner was the well-known Schwitzer Corporation. Founded in 1918 by Louis Schwitzer, the company began with cooling system components and pumps. But one of his greatest legacies that is largely unknown, is that Louis Schwitzer was the winner of the first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909. Not the first 500, but the first race. The first race was only about 2-5 miles in length, but at that time the feat was still an accomplishment. Louis Schwitzer was always involved with the Speedway and his name resides the Automotive Industry hall of Fame.

Today, The S-Series (of Schwitzer decent) turbochargers are still used in a variety of applications today by BorgWarner.

For passenger or commercial vehicles, industrial, locomotive or marine engines: whatever the application, BorgWarner Turbo Systems has just the right turbocharging system for you. You can learn more about BorgWarner Turbo & Emission Systems by visiting their website (by clicking the link below), or by contacting any of the Diesel USA Group locations.

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