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Our Company is teaming up with Racor to bring customers some of the most versatile, high performance filtration products on the market today. Racor a global leader in filtration solutions; develops and manufactures quality filtration systems and products that add value to the customer. From fuel filters to water reverse osmosis systems Racor engineers success.

Racor Filtration

About Racor

Parker Racor has been the brand of filtration systems that has earned the respect of engine and equipment builders, owners, and operators around the world. At the heart of these systems, genuine Racor filtration products set the global filtration performance standard.

Racor’s products known for their combination of high efficiency, long life and unsurpassed water removal performance, meeting and exceeding the challenges of today’s diesel engine requirements in all markets and environments. Racor engineering develops innovative solutions to become integral components in complex engine systems designed by the world’s leading OEM engine manufacturers.

Racor develops new solutions using ISO, SAE, JIS and other world-recognized testing procedures to conform to any specifications required by our OEM customers. Racor performs on-engine, on-vehicle and laboratory diesel system testing to further the advancement of diesel filtration for today and into the future. All diesel engine users benefit from this ongoing demand for the latest technology in fuel filtration and fuel system design. In every configuration, and in any operating environment, Racor is the most trusted name in engine protection.

You can learn more about Racor by visiting their website (by clicking the link below), or by contacting any of the Diesel USA Group locations.

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