Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Our skilled technicians treat your diesel particulate filter with care during the inspecting, transporting, cleaning, testing and return processing of your DPF. When you choose Diesel USA to clean your DPF, utilize our pick-up and delivery service with a 24-hour turnaround or for DPFs past being serviceable, we offer a wide range of new DPF replacements.

DPF Cleaning Services

While DPFs do a good job in removing particulate matter, the soot left behind can build up and reduce the filter’s effectiveness. A diesel engine can last more than 20 years, but the DPF must be serviced and/or replaced multiple times in that time span. The more the soot becomes compacted in the filter, the shorter the life of the filter.

OEM Recommended Cleaning Intervals:

  1. INTERNATIONAL MaxxForce 5, 7, DT, 9-13
    200,000 miles/ 6,500 hours for on highway truck application. 75,000 miles/ 2,240 hours for severe service application.

    300,000 miles/ 9,000 hours for on highway truck application. 60,000 miles/ 2,000 hours for severe service application.

  3. CATERPILLAR C-15, C-13, C-9, C-7
    150,000 miles/ 4500 hours for on highway truck application. 80,000 miles/ 2400 hours for severe service application.

    200,000 miles/6,500 hours for on highway truck application. 75,000 miles/ 2,420 hours for severe service application.

  5. ISUZU 4HK1-TC, 6HK1-TC
    150,000 miles/ 4,500 hours

  6. HINO J05D-TF, J08E-TV, J08E-TW
    200,000 miles/ 6,500 hours

  7. PACCAR PX-8, PX-6
    200,000 miles/6,500 hours

  8. MACK J05DT, J08EU
    250,000 miles/ 4,500 hours

  9. VOLVO J05DT, J08EU
    150,000 miles/ 4,500 hours

    120,000 miles for the first service. Every 100,000 miles afterward.

Benefits of a clean DPF:

  1. Improved vehicle performance
  2. Increased fuel economy
  3. Less downtime
  4. Extended DPF life
  5. Experience fewer regenerations
  6. Lower maintenance costs

With proper care and maintenance, your DPF should last the life of the truck. So give Diesel USA a call today to schedule your DPF cleaning.

DPF cleaning services are available at the following Diesel USA Group locations:

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