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Core Return Services

Our complete all makes product offering allows us to service everything from passenger cars and commercial vehicles, to industrial, locomotive and marine applications.

Diesel USA Group | Core Returns

Returning Items to Diesel USA

Remember, your return core items must be securely packed, preferably in the package that they arrived in. The package must have the RGA number obtained from Diesel USA referenced on the outside of the box. Following these instructions will ensure you are credited quickly and properly.

Returning Used Cores

If you have paid a core charge for an item purchased from Diesel USA, you are eligible for core credit upon return of the old core unit. Please follow the instructions below before returning a core.

Core Return Instructions:

  1. Used cores must be returned within 30 days of the original purchase of any new/reman part from Diesel USA.
  2. All cores must be returned to the original locations that you purchased your new/reman part.
  3. Cores being returned must be 100% like-for-like of the parts purchased from Diesel USA.
  4. Cores must be fully assembled before being returned.
  5. All fluids must be drained from your used core and placed in a plastic bag to prevent leakage.
  6. All cores must be shipped back in the box you received your new/reman product in.
  7. Please include the "Core Return Packing List" wit your core return. Please click here to download our Core Return Packing list in PDF format.
  8. Return core via UPS/FedEx or other qualified shipping company.

Please do not return cores with warranty items or new part returns. Your core will not be accepted.

Please Note: All cores will be graded by the manufacturer's core policy. A copy of each of the manufacturer's core policies can be provided upon request.

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A unique characteristic of the Diesel USA Group is our ability to respond with rapid customized service support, offering you the flexibility found in small companies with the broad parts and technical knowledge resources typically found in larger companies. With the needs of customers constantly changing, the Diesel USA Group proudly stands behind our service.

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