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**Updated May 12th, 2023**

The following outlines the Diesel USA Group, Inc. and associated locations updated corporate Core Return Policy.

All cores over 150 days old from the invoicing date will be purged from our system. These purged cores will not be eligible for core return credit.

Each month, any core older than 150 days will lose eligibility for full core return credit. The DieselUSA Group may be willing to purchase popular cores that have lost return eligibility for a fair market price.

We shall reserve the right to apply core credits to their respective invoices for any such items. Core credits can no longer be applied to other outstanding invoices unless the original purchase plus core has been paid in full prior to the core credit being issued.

All core charge payments are due within the DieselUSA Group’s normal payment terms. Core charges deducted from invoices will be considered past due. Failure to pay ALL core charges could render your account status subject to automatic stop shipment.

For any core related questions (such as obtaining a core statement), please send all inquiries to corereturns@dieselusa.com. Core statements can also be downloaded through PartsTitan.com.

The DieselUSA Group, Inc. corporate Core Return Policy is subject to change at any time. More details regarding the Core Return Policy can be found on the following pages.

**Policy Details**

When sending core returns to a DieselUSA Group location, important details must be followed to ensure receiving full credit.

All cores must be sent freight prepaid to the DieselUSA location from which the part was originally purchased. Credit will only be issued for cores owed. The customer will be contacted regarding any return discrepancy. Additional cores sent will either be scrapped or returned at the customer’s expense.

All cores returned must be fully assembled. All cores must be 100% “like for like” and returned in the original manufacturer’s box. If the original box is unavailable, all cores should be labeled and packed well enough to ensure safe return. Cores must also be drained of all fluids before returning. Please do not return cores with warranty or part returns.

Core returns will be processed in the month returned unless the return is received within the last 3 days of the current month’s end.

Cores that are incomplete, missing components, are burnt or tampered with, are damaged or have damaged components, or are disassembled, will not be accepted.

To ensure prompt return of core credits, the proper paperwork must be included with the core returns. The core packing list is (downloadable here) for your convenience. Please supply all the necessary information such as part numbers, invoice numbers, etc. If the supplied packing list is not used, please provide a copy of the invoice under which the original part was purchased.

Core credits may be delayed or denied if the proper paperwork is not present with the core return. Core credits may also be delayed or denied if the returned cores are not properly identified in the box.

The DieselUSA Group, Inc. corporate Core Return Policy is subject to change at any time.

Please use the core return packing slip when returning all cores, you can download it by clicking here.


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