DPF Choice Program and Catalog

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As one of the nation’s largest DPF and DOC distributors, we provide all levels of the aftermarket distribution channel with complete lines of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) and Serviceable Diesel Particulate Filters, where applicable.

Diesel USA Group, DPF Choice Catalog
Introducing Diesel USA Group's DPF Choice Program

Most businesses rely on DPF regeneration and maintenance to prevent the need to replace a DPF or DOC. When the life cycle of these products ends, your customers need the best products from the best source. Featuring the most trusted brands in the industry, we offer replacement products manufactured by DuraFit, RoadWarrior, Skyline and Redline. The DieselUSAGroup of companies truly is your best option for complete coverage from one supplier!

Provided here is the official DieselUSAGroup: DPF Choice Catalog. (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD) This publication is a product of the DieselUSA Group, Inc. and is the industry’s most comprehensive DPF/DOC resource. This catalog provides cross-references by application for easier DPF and DOC replacement.

All DPFs and DOCs provided by DieselUSA are 100% brand new, not recycled, or remanufactured. All DPFs/DOCs are direct drop-in replacements with no core-charges.

No doubt you are already beginning to see the growing service and replacement demand for DPFs and DOCs and it is only going to increase over the years ahead! We invite you to reach out to any DieselUSAGroup location (or contact us via the form below) with your DPF/DOC needs for friendly, fast service, and high-quality parts.

Prefer online ordering? Visit our online ordering website www.PartsTitan.com. Featuring our extensive parts and application database, Parts Titan is an incredible resource for you and your business; providing access to all our other products like automotive and diesel turbochargers, EGRs, charge-air coolers, starters, alternators and more. Don’t have a Parts Titan account yet? Request credentials by clicking on the “Request Account” link from the Parts Titan login page.

We look forward to working with you on any of your DPF/DOC needs. Please contact any DieselUSAGroup location today (or via the contact form below) for more information or to request a free printed copy of the catalog.

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