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Our specialized knowledge, leadership, and experience all began over six decades ago and still guides our group of companies today.

Diesel Injection Service Co., Inc.

The Diesel USA Group of companies provides one of the largest genuine OE diesel parts distribution entities in the nation. Being part of a major distribution down line for many major OEM manufacturers allows our group to offer a wide selection of products for most all makes of diesel applications.

Diesel USA offers nationwide delivery on many of the products we stock and order, whether it's for a small town repair shop or a coast to coast heavy duty truck service provider. Our products include charge-air systems (turbos, charge-air coolers, egr coolers), fuel injection systems (parts, pumps, nozzles, injectors, exchange units and test equipment/tools), electrical products (alternators, starters, voltage regulators), filtration products and fuel additives to engine controls (governors, engine brakes).

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Our group represents the largest distribution entity for turbochargers in North America. We also supply diesel parts and services that help keep our customers up and running.