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The Diesel USA Group of companies have been providing the proven performance of IHI Turbochargers for many years as a Master Distributor. IHI TURBO AMERICA (ITA), located in Shelbyville, Illinois is a wholly owned subsidiary of IHI Corp. of Japan. ITA designs, markets, manufactures and distributes turbocharger and supercharger products for internal combustion engine applications in North America.

IHI Turbochargers

About IHI

IHI Turbo America was founded in 1980 as a licensee of IHI turbochargers to build a base of turbocharger business and manufacturing operations in North America. In 2004, IHI Turbo America expanded their capabilities to include screw superchargers.

IHI Turbo America is the only company in the world to mass produce screw superchargers. The IHI design has evolved over 30 years, as the screw compressor manufacturing and ITA has become the global center for the technology.

IHI Turbo America’s experienced staff designs and manufactures both turbochargers and superchargers under one roof. IHI Turbo America has produced over 2 Million turbochargers since 1984 and over 100,000 superchargers since 2004 in the Shelbyville IL facility.

IHI Turbo America has maintained a dedication to quality since the first RHB5 turbochargers were manufactured for Ford Motor Co. with a Q1 award in 1986. That quality commitment has continued with ISO9000, QS9000, ISO 9001:2008 up to the current TS16949:2014 certification.

In addition to maintaining quality products, IHI Turbo America goes to great effort to prevent the use of conflict minerals, from the conflict region, in any of its products. All production suppliers are required to demonstrate that they are conflict mineral free (from the conflict region), or disclose the use of the conflict minerals and their origins.

IHI Turbo America has a diverse customer base in the automotive, marine, light truck and military markets. Past and present customers are Fiat, Ford, General Motors, General Engine Products, Generac, Isuzu, Mercury Marine, Chrysler LLC and VM Motori. Contact any Diesel USA Group location today to fulfill any of your IHI Turbocharger needs.

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