ISX/ISM Turbochargers

Diesel USA is proud to provide the genuine reliability of Holset Turbochargers for Cummins ISX and ISM applications.

Holset ISX Turbos
About Holset

The Holset brand can be found on Light to Heavy-Duty diesel trucks, tractors, construction, and industrial, marine, and even rail applications all over the world.

Holset turbos are made to highly specific standards, not only to deliver the power owners demand, but also to keep Cummins ISX/ISM engines performing at top efficiency year after year. With correct parts and regular maintenance, drivers who utilize a Holset Turbocharger can depend on the performance and efficiency their vehicles were designed to deliver over the long haul.

If it’s not Genuine, It’s a Genuine Risk!

Genuine Holset Benefits:

  1. Reduced Downtime
  2. Optimized Fuel Efficiency
  3. Delivered Factory Level Performance
  4. Optimized Factory Level Efficiency
  5. Demonstrated Durability
  6. Factory Cummins Warranty
  7. Genuine Replacements For: 3768264, 3768263, 3781163, 4955462RX, 4043226, 2881994RX, 2881993RX, 4045934, 4044006

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