Remanufactured Electronic Unit Pumps

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Now available from the Diesel USA Group of companies: Remanufactured Electronic Unit Pumps! These EUPs are remanufactured in an OE certified facility to provide the utmost standard of excellence. Our Grizzly EUPs utilize Bosch genuine parts and are calibrated on Bosch test stands with Bosch tools to provide a quality product unmatched by others in the market.

Grizzly, Reman Electronic Unit Pumps

Remanufactured EUPs fit 1997-2006 Mack E7 Series Applications

Utilizing a “Hybrid Reman Center for On-Demand Supply” the Diesel USA Group is able to provide a Hybrid-type function where through-put costs closely approximate that of a major reman facility with job-shop-like flexibility and craftsmanship quality.

The blending of reman practices with job-shop craftsmanship and care provides major suppliers with a cost/benefit dynamic that allows for minimum inventory by that manufacturer while providing quality service support for customers using older equipment.

Grizzly, Remanufactured Electronic Unit Pumps For Mack Applications come with flexible core return criteria!

Diesel USA's Remanufactured EUPs Feature
Direct Fit Replacement
Delivered Factory Level Performance
Optimized Factory Level Efficiency
3 units cover 1997-2006 Mack E7 Series Trucks
Cores will be accepted regardless of part number or tag readability
Carry a 1 year/unlimited miles warranty

Three service units available for Mack E7 Series applications:

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