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For John Deere 4024 and 5030 diesel engines that are used in a wide variety of applications such as tractors, skid steer loaders, air compressors, generators and more.

Reman Integrated Fuel Systems Products

About IFS Products

Now available through any Diesel USA Group location. As Authorized Stanadyne Dealers, we present the “only” Stanadyne Approved Remanufactured IFS Products utilizing Genuine Stanadyne Production Test Equipment and Components.

These IFS assemblies are remanufactured using Stanadyne Approved Processes in our very own Remanufacturing facility, and are now being offered as a lower cost alternative to new IFS assemblies.

As part of the Authorized Stanadyne Service Dealer network we are part of the select few companies that have the tools, test equipment, and expertise to provide these remanufactured IFS Assemblies to the aftermarket.

These Remanufactured IFS Assemblies Feature:
Genuine Stanadyne Parts
Utilize Stanadyne Approved Rebuild Processes
Are Lower Cost Alternatives to New Products

Please call any Diesel USA Group Location for more information. Or find your replacement by referencing the chart below.

*Remanufactured P/N Can Service Stanadyne P/N Can Service John Deere P/N Primary Application Engine
RE527597RX 37740 RE527597 4T LT OEM 4024T (LT) Check Availability
RE527598RX 37741 RE527598 4T/5T OEM, 317, 320, 325 SSL, 304J, 244J 4WDL 4024T, 5030T Check Availability
RE527599RX 37742 RE527599 5TW OEM, 328 SSL 5030TW Check Availability
RE530788RX 38231, 36569, 37427 RE530788, RE515787, RE526483 4T LT OEM 4024T (LT) Check Availability
RE530789RX 38227, 36570, 37342 RE530789, RE515801, RE526484 332 SSL 5030H Check Availability
RE530790RX 38225, 36562, 37340 RE530790, RE515803, RE526485 4T/4TW, 5T OEM 4024T, 5030T Check Availability
RE530791RX 38228, 36565, 37424 RE530791, RE515805, RE526486 5H OEM 5030H Check Availability
RE530792RX 38226, 36564, 37341 RE530792, RE520132, RE526487 5TW OEM 5030TW Check Availability
RE530793RX 38232, 36775, 37428 RE530793, RE522562, RE526488 1500 GENSET 4024T Check Availability
RE530794RX 38233, 36776, 37429 RE530794, RE522563, RE526489 1500 GENSET 5030H Check Availability
RE530795RX 38234, 36779, 37430 RE530795, RE522566, RE526491 1800 GENSET 5030T Check Availability
RE530796RX 38235, 36780, 37431 RE530796, RE522567, RE526492 1800 GENSET 5030H Check Availability
RE530797RX 38236, 36781, 37432 RE530797, RE522617, RE526493 1500 GENSET 5030T Check Availability
RE530798RX 38230, 36568, 37426 RE530798, RE523701, RE526594 4520, 4720, & 5325 TRACTOR 4024T Check Availability
RE530799RX 38229, 36566, 37425 RE530799, RE523702, RE526495 5225 TRACTOR 4024T Check Availability
RE530800RX 38237, 37657 RE530800, RE527751 4T/5T OEM, 317, 320, 325 SSL 4024T, 5030T Check Availability
RE530801RX 38238, 37658 RE530801, RE527752 5TW OEM, 328 SSL 5030TW Check Availability
RE530802RX 38239, 37433, 37828 RE530802, RE526490, RE528081 1800 GENSET 4024T Check Availability
RE530803RX 38240, 38022 RE530803, RE529324 4120/4320 TRACTOR 4024T Check Availability
RE530822RX 38241, 38151 RE530822, RE530164 4520/4720 TRACTOR 4024T Check Availability
RE530823RX 38242, 38150 RE530823, RE530165 4120/4320 TRACTOR 4024T Check Availability
RE530824RX 38243, 38148 RE530824, RE530166 5325 TRACTOR 5030T Check Availability
RE530825RX 38244, 38149 RE530825, RE530167 5225 TRACTOR 5030T Check Availability
RE530869RX 38262, 37950 RE530869, RE528832 4T LT OEM 4024T (LT) Check Availability
RE534688RX 39185 RE534688 313 / 315 SSL 4024T (LT) Check Availability
*All Remanufactured Parts Require a Core Return

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